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Holyvision Video Meeting

2016 年 10 月 13 日

Holyvision Video Meeting is mainly designed for video meetings and collaboration solutions of enterprises. This video meeting system is smart, stable and easy-operating.

With 1Mb, 1080P30 video transmission is stable and reliable. As for the information exchange, office files, pictures and screen all can be shared.

The audio and video equipment used in other video meeting system is also available for Holyvision.

With Holyvision Video Meeting, enterprises can replace the traditional face-to-face meeting and communication with the new smart video conference. Besides, through video meeting, the office staff can recruit employees, cooperate with remote partners and hold work trainings - the video can be recorded so that learners can review the training.


Distance work meeting, distance cooperative work, instant messaging inside enterprises, distance recruitment, distance training, distance command, distance business communication, video surveillance, distance consultation.


Geely Holding Group, China Spring Group, Zhongtian Real Estate Group, Wahaha Group, etc.

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