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China Spring Group

1. Background and requirements

China Spring Group is a famous Chinese floor manufacturer. Their sale network owns 2000 sales outlets all over the country. A lot of time and money of officers is cost during the business trips to maintain their interaction. To save time and money, Spring utilizes Holyvision video meeting system to communicate instead of the business trips.

2. Solution

(1) How to fill the requirements.

A. Video meeting

Have a meeting at any time without the expenses of business trips and browse Word, PPT, Excel, pictures, desktop, etc. synchronously.

B. Remote training

Train officers in different areas online.

C. Video attendance

Sign on the video attendance.

D. Remote Recruitment

Interview employees online through video.

(2) Why choose Holyvision.

A. Cross-terminal

Join a meeting with a computer, a Pad, a smart phone, a telephone.

B. 1Mb, 1080P30 video transmission

In the case of 1Mb, 1080P30 video transmission is stable and reliable.

C. Information sharing

Browse Word, Excel, PPT and pictures synchronously with attendees.

Share your desktop or an application with attendees.

3. Product


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