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Pujiang County Public Security Bureau of Jinhua Municipal

1. Background and requirements

Nowadays, specialization, professionalization, and intelligentization of crime become increasingly severe. Public security bureaus urgently need cooperation of multiple kinds of police. To deal with this situation, Pujiang County Public Security Bureau of Jinhua Municipal hopes to achieve three-level coaction(the municipal public security bureau, county public security bureaus and local security stations).

The strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Pujiang County Public Security Bureau and Holyvision Company to build up a cooperative criminal investigation system. This system aims to unit all the public security resources including Jinhua municipal public security bureau, county public security bureaus, local security stations and relative webs, so that cooperative investigation can be achieved.

2. Solution

(1) How to fill the requirements

a. Online assessment

The police officers in different places can communicate with each other on line and integrate the investigation material to speed up the investigation assessment.

b. Remote investigation

The police officers can collect investigation evidences synchronously in different systems and upload it to the system to promote the investigation.

c. Teleconferencing

In this system, the police officers also can have a video meeting and share documents. Live broadcast and video record are also allowed. 

(1) Why choose Holyvision

a.Good video transmission

b.Full function

c.Safe information transmission

d.Stable information transmission

e. Good interworking

3.  Achievement

In the cooperative criminal investigation system, many kinds of police can cooperate with each other to investigate. In 2013, the police of Jinhua municipal crack 2051 cases through this system, up by 156%. The number of threads is 1575, up by 256%. The effectiveness of the bureau wins the praises of the masses.

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