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Zhejiang Holyvision Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise dedicated in providing professional and high quality multimedia communication solutions. Our three companies are located in Hangzhou,China, Beijing,China and Australia.

We possess a professional technical team of many advanced engineers who specialize in multimedia communication for ten or more years. The team guarantees the quality of SDK service and SaaS we offer.

Our products include Holyvision Telehealth System, Holyvision Distance Teaching System, Holyvision Video Meeting and Holyvision Cooperative Investigation System. We offer not only software and hardware, but also relative place design. 

Among those systems, Holyvision Telehealth System contributes a lot for medical industry. With this system, hospitals, doctors, patients can communicate with each other through video. Medical images, medical video and illness cases can be shared. Hence, doctors can fully know the condition of the patients.

Our goal is to be the CPU of telehealth industry.

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